About pashmina Looms

What we Do?

We are devoted to the heritage of weaving. Our weavers have superior weaving techniques as well as knowledge of handling the yarn.

  • Weaving
  • Nepal is famous for its finest high mountain cashmere, renowned as one of the world’s best. We use the finest pashmina to weave shawls, scarves, warmers,
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  • Hand Embellishments
  • Our artists have long years of experience and tradition that has been handed down from generation to generation, and we utilize their techniques to the best.
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Our Speciality

ensures transparency and timely delivery of all your orders

Customer satisfaction has been our priority since the beginning. Understanding the effort taken to identify the authenticity of pashmina, we use only SGS-tested (lab-tested) yarns to deliver you with genuine pashmina. Our yarn stock is available throughout the year and the ERP software is highly efficient in informing our clients about the production process of their orders. This ensures transparency and timely delivery of all your orders. Every order is produced with equal dedication and exclusive care. This transparency in production process, experimentation in weaving patterns and client satisfaction is appreciated by our clients worldwide. This has helped the company set a benchmark for pashmina dealership internationally.

vibrant & exclusive Pashmina

Our Team

Together, we achieve the best!

We believe that alone we can do so little, together we can do so much. Instead of relying on limited potential of an individual, we work in teams to ensure only the most premium products.

Our management team has over ten years of experience in customer satisfaction. Our textile engineers and designers promise innovation, exclusivity and unparalleled durability in the expanding range of designs. These two facets of our team come together to make us one of the most reliable companies in the pashmina market. Alongside, our creative team of web developers and designers, photographers and writers help to align our vision with customer expectations by showcasing every aspect of our manufacturing process and our products.

We aim to make ordering and buying of pashmina simple and our team is always here for your assistance in this process.

Resource Planning

ERP Managed

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

Production process in Pashmina Looms is coordinated between staffs and ERP software system to ensure efficiency of labour and timely delivery of products. The advanced textile manufacturing intelligence of ERP software system integrates production process into digital supervision system. This is then followed by an inspection of the products by quality control teams.

ERP installed in the manufacturing house generates Bill of Material (BOM), digital profile and user login. With their user ID, our clients can easily follow the orders' production process by accessing BOM. The ERP system, along with generating transparency in the production process, increases our company's accessibility and transparency for our clients.

  • Entering the technical
    details of the approved sample
    Receiving and confirming the order
    and entering it into the ERP system
    Providing the information on raw materials
    and accessories required for production
    Conducting mid-term
    evaluation for errors
    Inspecting and addressing the
    final issues of production
    Achieving the scheduled delivery date

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